HouzKEY is an alternative home ownership solution. You can choose to rent a home from maybank2own with a given option for you to purchase the property as and when you are ready within the rental period.

Why HouzKEY

Low initial investment

I'm getting my dream house for sure. With just 3 months security deposit to pay for, I don't need to save up for years.

Apply with guarantors

Awesome that I get to share with up to 3 of my family members.


The best part is I can still walk away after 5 years with no debt or keep renting until maturity period till the house is mine.


I know my cost up front and I feel more secure knowing that there will be no surprises.

Wide range of properties

A lot of properties to choose from and one of them could be my dream home!
Homeownership. Redefined.

How to apply

Find your dream house and start a new life with HouzKEY. It is the easiest and fastest solution and you can move to your new home and start living.
Identify property

Housing hunting at your fingertips.

Apply online

We will manage your application from end to end.

Approval process

Fast turn around processing and you will receive our reply soon.

Move to your dream house.

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