Selling your home? 4 tips to boost the sales

Oct 1, 2019

1. Get Your Home Ready

a) Clean your house and make sure it looks presentable. This will not only be important in marketing and advertising your home online, but also for any interested buyers who are visiting your house. Make sure you tidy up the exterior section of the house too.

b) Try to de-personalize your home. This will ease potential buyers in imagining themselves living in that space. Things that you can consider includes repainting your pink/yellow/green rooms into basic colors like off-white, which appeals to a wider group of people.

2. Set The Right Price

Do your research before you set an asking price. Check the value of your house and previous transacted prices in your area. These information area readily available on Brickz, iProperty, The Edge Property. You should also check the current asking prices in your neighbourhood as a benchmark to get a rough estimate of the houses that are getting sold there. Don’t set your price too high as this will lead to difficulty in finding a buyer.

3. Find The Right Agent

Finding the right agent is an important step in selling your house. The agent will be helpful in not only marketing your property, but also finding the right buyer. Below are some tips in choosing an agent:  

a) Find an agent that knows your area well – They have a pool of ready-buyers looking to buy in the area. Their knowledge of your neighbourhood will also be beneficial in pitching/convincing potential buyers.  They would also be able to advise you on the prices that they have transacted in the area.

b) Ask to see their REN tag – It should be worn by the agent at all times during their conduct of business. You can check at the BOVAEA (Malaysia Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents) website to validate.

c) Appoint 3-5 agents to help sell your home fastThe more agents you appoint, the bigger the pool of potential customer. Don’t worry, the payment commission will only be given to the agent who successfully sells your property.

Any enquiries from buyers will be handled by your agent. Once you’ve assigned an agent, you should also check in on them to make sure that they’re actively selling your property.

4. Advertise

Get your property out there! There are many channels to advertise, especially in this digital age. You can upload it on property portals, social media or even consumer to consumer marketplace websites.  

Make sure you have the best photos when advertising. Here are some tips:

1) Use a wide angle lens or take a picture from the corner of the room

2) Use natural lighting and switch on all the lights.

3) Upload as many pictures as possible so prospect buyers are able to visualize your space

4) Tidy the area that you are taking a picture of as it enhances the value and space you are promoting

Provide a good description of your property. Amenities such as school, public transport, commercial and neighbourhood security should be included.

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