Why you should stay close to your preferred school

Jan 6, 2020

Education is one of the important element for a family with young children in deciding where to live. This is highly relevant to parents who want to place their children in good schools.

What are good schools?

In the context of government-back school in Malaysia, high achieving schools are known as ‘cluster schools’. These schools are at the forefront of innovation and excellence in niche areas. They have greater operational autonomy on how they spend money to develop advancement in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities such as music, ICT and more.

Many of these cluster schools are located within well-established neighbourhoods. Below are 3 examples: 

1. Taman Melawati: SK Taman Melawati, SK Taman Melawati 2
2. Subang Jaya: SK Subang Jaya, SMK Seafield, SMK USJ 12
3. Cheras: SMK Seri Bintang Utara, SMK Seri Bintang Selatan

Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia

Benefits of moving closer to your preferred school:

1. The likelihood of acceptance into these schools will increase. Generally, schools will prioritize students from nearby areas and require utility bills as proof. 
2. Cut down on travelling time. The extra time gained can be used to enrich your children’s after school activities. 
3. Many cluster schools are located in established areas. Hence, you are able to enjoy the surrounding amenities that are also located near the school. 
4. From an investment perspective, these areas will have strong fundamental demands from parents with school aged children, given that some parents may view the premium on the property to be considerably cheaper than putting their child into a private school if they cannot get them into a good government school. In addition, given that cluster schools are typically located within established area, supply is likely to be limited and thus the demand-supply function would see property prices appreciate over the medium to long term (but of course there are many other factors influencing the property price).

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