Apply HouzKEY and Enjoy HOC Benefits on Your Property Purchase! Ending 31 May 2021!

May 24, 2021

Struggling to buy property? No cash for down payment? Did you know that you can enjoy Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) incentives with HouzKEY financing? Your home financing is one of your biggest financial commitments. Let us help you manage it better. Make your biggest life purchase a breeze with HouzKEY. With great rates, more customers are choosing HouzKEY. Here is why HouzKEY financing is a great choice.

• 100% financing- no down payment required
• No payment during construction period – as this cost is included in your financing
• Lowest monthly payment with the best rates
• Bumiputera discounts (for eligible Bumiputera buyer)
• EPF withdrawal for monthly payment (subject to EPF T&Cs), AND
• Home Ownership (HOC) benefits:
   - Stamp duty exemption on financing agreement
   - Stamp duty exemption on Memorandum of Transfer (MOT)
   - 10% discount on primary market property

Hurry up! You are now eligible for Home Ownership (HOC) benefits which are ending soon on 31 May 2021! Act now! Buy property with confidence. Apply for HouzKEY before it is too late! To make it easy for you, we have displayed HOC logo for all HOC-registered developer projects on If you would like to enjoy stamp duty exemptions and attractive packages from developers, you should look out for the HOC logo for applicable projects.
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